Pay Per Click (PPC) management

Why use the management of the sponsored links from Seo Hollywood?

The paid search marketing, or pay-per-click is the most common form of internet marketing, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. Although the concept is simple, the daily management of a campaign is a job for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have the time to manage all your keywords on Google, Yahoo!, MSN and others? You will be able to react when your competitors adjust its strategy auction? We believe in using our expertise to help you know what to do better, ie to manage your business. We have more than 650 active clients and an impressive satisfaction rate of 90%.

  • Increase market share and brand awareness
  • Advertising spending focused
  • Immediate display
  • Measurable Results from the outset
Our success is only calculated based on the performance we deliver to our customers. We devise management strategies to ensure that auctions that you pay as little as possible for each click. Our PPC management is focused on your return on investment. In many cases, we have reduced the budget of a customer thanks to the successful management of our campaign.

Optimize your campaign pay-per-click

And when we are dealing with a pre-existing campaign, and when we create a new one, mount a campaign highly targeted, accessible and completely transparent. Let’s industry research and keyword-depth, so as to focus only on auctions relevant keywords that will lead to sales through your website. Once launched the PPC campaign, you will receive regular reports on the analysis and management of the auction 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, which will show you how we went and things we plan to do to continue to grow your business through sponsored links.

PPC Management

The processes of our campaigns include best practices for:
  • Determine objectives, tracking and comprehensive reporting.
  • Sector analysis and keyword & data conversion.
  • Strategies and campaigns network.
  • Strategies auctions.
  • Design and advertising texts.
  • Strategies for landing pages and landing pages.
  • Analysis and optimization of campaigns.
  • SEO and integration of marketing.
  • Integration of affiliates.

Advertising that capture the attention

Research on eye movements revealed that in addition to the 98% of Google users use the results from organic search, 95% also displays the results derived from the sponsored links at the top of the page and 31% displays advertisements on the right side of the page. Bearing in mind that you only pay when the ad is ciccata, the pay-per-click has an unrivaled flow rate, especially when used in conjunction with a good SEO strategy.